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Thermocouple Calculator

The calculator will compute the temperature to 0.1°C given the reference junction temperature, the measured thermocouple voltage and the thermocouple type.

To use the calculator you need a browser that supports Java applets



  • All thermocouples are specified over a limited temperature range. If you set the reference junction temperature or the measured thermocouple voltage outside the range limits, the status line will indicate the type of error and its limit.
  • If your inputs are OK the status line will say "OK". It may also comment on the tolerance of the thermocouple at the calculated temperature. Not all thermocouple types have 'official' tolerance specification, but for those that do the specification tends to be somewhat conservative around room temperatures.
  • Thermocouple may be individually calibrated for significantly improved accuracy, but remember the calibration is likely to drift with exposure to high temperatures, reactive gases and mechanical stress.

The B Type is Strange!

The calculator computes most thermocouples types sensibly, however the B Type thermocouple will appear to behave strangely below about 100°C. This is because the B Type thermocouple is strange! At temperatures below 50°C it has a near zero temperature sensitivity (the calculator bottoms out at about 36°C). This characteristic is often turned to an advantage because, it eliminates the need for a reference junction.

How is the Temperature Calculated?

Refer to the Compensation page to see an example of how the thermocouple calculations are done for the T Type thermocouple.