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Temperature is Important!

Temperature is the most important single thing in your life! You don't believe it - then think about it!

Temperature is a fundamental part of life. On the open ended temperature scales (there appears to be no upper limit to temperature), biological life as we know it functions over a very small environment range of about -30°C to perhaps 120°C. The known temperature range occurring naturally in the universe is from -269°C to perhaps 40,000,0000°C in a star. It is estimated that less than one billionth of the matter in the universe in in the biologically friendly temperature range.



Temperature measurment practice

Covers the more practial side of temperature measurement, including error sources




An inrtoduction to ITS-90

An introduction to how the temperature scale is defined and includes the full standard



Thermocouple calculator

Supports 11 thermocouple types over their full defined range. Reference junction compensation from -45 to 90°C



A Brief History of Temperature

Temperature measurement over the last 3000 years



RTD calculator

Calculates temperature for four RTD metal types of any resistance.



Wind chill

Wind chill and how it is measured. This is a subjective issue, however work is underway to give the parameter a more scientific basis.

Temperature sensor manufacturers

A starting point for sourcing more information on specific temperature sensors



Temperature Sensors - including:

Non-Contact (Infrared)

Fibre Optic