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Temperature sensor manufacturer links

The following list is restricted to manufacturers of the sensing elements (as opposed to off the shelf transducers) and to companies specializing in temperature measurement. You can generally find your local supplier by searching the manufacturer's web site, telephone or fax.


Alpha Sensor Inc (formally Alpha Thermistors), Precision thermistors to ±0.1°C

Alpha Wire Company, Thermocouple and other wire and accessories. Site has much useful info on wire and cable

Andigilog Inc, Semiconductor analog and digital temperature sensors

Analog Devices Inc. Semiconductor temperature sensors, home of the AD590 and other sensors

BetaTHERM Corp, Thermistor manufacturer, now part of Measurment Specialists

Concept Alloys LLC, Manufacturer of Hoskins' Alloys for thermocouples, especially tungsten-rhenium wire

Cornerstone Sensors Inc, Thermistor manufacturer.

Dallas Semiconductor Corp, Digital semiconductor temperature sensors with novel twists. Now part of Maxim

Exergen Corp, A firm that specializes in thermopile infared temperature sensors for industrial and medical use

GE Sensing, International supplier of a wide range of sensors, including thermocouples and thermistors

Heraeus Sensor Technology , Manufacturer of film based sensors.

Honeywell - Micro Switch Sensing and Control. Temperature, pressure and air flow sensors

IRCON Inc, Manufacturers of non-contact infrared thermometers.

Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc., Cryogenic temperature sensors of all types. A useful where minus 200°C is hot!

Linear Technology , Alternate source for LM336 semiconductor temperature sensor

Luxtron Corporation, Manufacturers of specialist temperature measuring equipment

Maxim Integrated Products Inc, Semiconductor digital temperature sensors. Also see Dallas Semiconductor.

Measurement Specialists Inc. Manufacturers of a wide range of sensors via BetaTherm and YSI Temperature.

Mikron Instrument Co. Inc. Manufacturers of a wide range of non-contact temperature sensors.

Minco Products, Inc. Manufacturers of RTD sensor elements and assemblies

Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd, or

Murata Electronics North America Inc. Sensors elements, especially for high volume consumer products

Nanmac Corp, Thermocouples and RTDs, including interesting erroding rapid response surface temperature types

National Semiconductor Corporation, Semiconductor sensors including workhorses LM35, LM45, LM50 etc.

Omega Engineering Inc, Good range of sensors, associated accessories and reference material

Philips Electronics NV Silicon RTDs and semiconductor types

Probes Unlimited Inc, OEM supplier of RTDs, thermocouples and thermistors.

Pyromation Inc., Industrial thermocouples, RTD and thermistors

Quality Thermistor, Inc, Manufactures of thermistors

Raytek Corp., Manufacturers of a good range of non-contact temperature sensors and hand-held units

Sanjac Instrument & Meter Co Ltd, Wide range of thermocouple, RTD and Non-contact temperature sensors.

Seiko Instruments Inc, Temperature sensors aimed at the consumer products. Also try this site.

Sensors Magazine, A useful magazine for all aspects of sensors, sourcing and application

Siemens. Thermistors and silicon RTDs.

Solvay & Cie SA, Solvay Technologies Inc, Manufacture of Solef pyroelectric PVDF films

Special Metals Wiggin Ltd., Thermocouple wire and sheaths, N type thermocouple a specialty.

Telcom Semiconductor, Manufacturer of semiconductor temperature sensors and thermostats

Temati (Business Logistix Ltd.) , High stability carbon-ceramic cryogenic temperature sensors

Texas Instruments Inc. Digital temperature sensors

Thermal Component Technologies, Manufacturer & supplier of temperature sensors to Australasian market

Thermal Detection Ltd, Manufacturer of quality industrial and pharmaceutical thermocouples and RTDs

Therm-O-Disc, Inc, Manufacturers of bimetal disc thermostats, thermal cutoffs, PTC and NTC thermistors

Thermometrics, Inc. Wide range of thermistor and varistor products.

U.S. Sensor Corp. Manufacturer of an extensive variety of thermistors and thermistor probes

Victory Engineering Corp. NTC Thermistors, varistors, and Hygristors® humidity sensors.

YSI Temperature Inc. Precision thermistors to ±0.1°C, now part of Measurement Specialists.


If your company is not listed above and should be, or your company is misrepresented, please contact the webmaster