Software Corner


This page is intended as a resource for the open software community. Capgo has benefited greatly from the endeavors of the Open Source Initiative and intends to contribute back to the community by the provision of commentary, experiences and source code.

Porting Linux to the OMAP5912 OSK - updated 27 th September 2005

The experiences of a OMAP newbie in porting 2.6.13 rc4 kernel to the OMAP5912 OSK development board. Includes gcc 4.0.1 tool chain build and the positive experience of the long awaited busybox update. New version of das Uboot still not compatible with the stricter gcc 4.0.1. Includes experiences with a new USB boot loader for version D of OSK

1-Wire support for OMAP5912 - released 18th July 2005

Most of the t he OMAP range of SoC processors provide a 1-Wire interface peripheral. While not fully compliant with the Dallas-Maxim specification (some pulse stretching required), the peripheral is still useful for 1-Wire sensors, IEEE1451.4 TEDS, battery management, board identification and a range of smart buttons.

As a matter of interest, we are using the 1-Wire interface in conjunction with the One Wire File System project that provides file like access to multiple 1-Wire devices (memory, sensors or I/O) on a network. See:

General Purpose Timer Support in Linux for OMAP5912 OSK - 25 th August 2005

The OMAP5912 has eight General Purpose 32 bit Timers . These may be used for waking from sleep at regular intervals, generating frequency (continuous, burst or swept) or for measuring a frequency. Provides a work around for the faulty silicon associated with the event capture function.

Lua Short References - April 2007

The following are drafts of short references. Two of the three are based on the work of others - please see the acknowledgements in the documents.

Lua Syntax Highlighting for Xcode 3 - December 2007

The syntax highlighting specification language changed with Xcode 3. The following is a beta release for the Lua scripting language. [Note: appears to work with Xcode 3.1, however there remains an issue with unrecognized end of multi line comments].

Lua - GnuPlot Support - December 2007

Beta support for GnuPlot from within Lua. Uses a batch file approach and introduces cascading style sheets to plotting. Assumes the user has minimal GnuPlot experience, but provides for extensions by experienced users. Code documentation needs improving.