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Manufacturer DAQ
PC Card
ACCES I/O Products Inc. DAQ cards and RS485 remotes yes yes yes   yes
ACR Systems Range of small %RH, temperature and energy data loggers       Smart Reader yes 
ADAC Corp Low cost DAQ boards yes        
Advantech Industrial monitoring yes   Adam    
Agilent Technologies Industrial and scientific instrumentation (formally HP)     yes yes yes
Alligator Technologies Inc. Data acquisition boxes     yes   yes
Anritsu logging meters & test equipment       yes  
Applied Technology Concepts (ATC): Low cost loggers (Hobo) yes       yes  
Astro-Med medical & industrial recorders      yes yes  yes
ATAL B.V. Small data loggers       yes  
Azonix Corp Measurement and distributed control systems for harsh environments     yes    
Base2-Computer Corp Low cost parallel port DAQ     yes   yes
BittWare Research Systems - high speed DAQ, DSP, PC104 yes       yes
Brultech Research Energy monitors        yes  
Campbell Scientific multi-purpose data loggers and sensors       yes yes
Capgo Pty Ltd advanced mobile data analysis loggers     yes yes yes
Commtest Instruments small logger with graphic LCD display       yes  
ComputerBoards Inc. DAQ boards and modules yes yes  yes    yes
COX Recorders perishable goods temperature & RH logging       yes  
Dataforth Inc. Isolated signal conditioning and communications          
DataTaker Pty Ltd versatile general purpose series of loggers     Data-Taker Data-Taker yes
Dataq Instruments data acquisition software      yes   WINDAQ
Datel Inc. DAQ boards yes        
Data Translation DAQ boards and video capture yes yes      yes
Delta-T Devices data loggers for agriculture & environment study        yes yes
Dixell srl. Refrigeration monitors       XJ500  
Dj Scientific Temperature logger and viscosity instruments       yes  
DVP Inc. Programmable meters     yes yes yes
Ease Simulations Automotive and driver behavior data loggers       OBD II yes
Electronic Controls Design (ECD) Wave soldering loggers       yes  
Extech range of low cost monitoring equipment        yes  
Fisher-Rosemount Corp. Industrial monitoring & control solutions     yes    
Fluke Hydra series logger       yes yes
Fourier Systems Inc. Small data loggers for education and industry       yes yes
Gage Applied Sciences, Inc. PC based oscilloscope equipment yes   yes   yes
Grant Instruments Squirrel series of loggers       yes yes
Grayhill Inc. Distributed I/O for factory and SCADA     yes    
Greenspan Technology Water quality monitoring, sensors       yes  
GS Energy Temperature & %RH Trak-R Logger       yes  
Handar Metrological& hydrological loggers & sensors       yes  
ines Inc Data acquisition boards and PC Cards yes        
INTAB Interface-Teknik AB
Small temp & %RH data loggers
Intelligent Instrumentation data acquisition, including Ethernet   yes yes   yes
Intergraph Corp Instrument data management & other software         yes
IO Tech wide range of data acquisition equipment   yes yes   yes
Keithly Quality DAQ boards and Smartlink distributed modules yes yes yes   yes
Labtech Corp Software - Labtech Notebook         yes
Lakewood Depth, level pressure, rainfall loggers       yes  
Lambert Engineering Energy monitoring       yes  
Logic Beach range of loggers       yes  
Martinho-Davis Systems           
Metersoft (Div of AGX) DAQ software         yes
Metrosonics hygiene, air, stress, energy loggers       yes  
Microstar Networked monitoring yes   yes   yes
Mid-Atlantic Systems Corp Low cost DAQ boards yes       yes
MIE Inc. Air bourne particle and fiber monitors       yes  
Monitor Company low cost temperature monitors       yes yes
National Instruments, software, boards, networked monitoring yes yes FieldPoint   LabView etc
NBT Inc SCADA data loggers with PLC functions       yes yes
NEFF Instruments Corp High end DAQ systems     yes    
Ohm Teck Labs (OTL) Electricity monitoring loggers       yes yes
Omnex Control Systems Inc. Remote wireless DAQ     yes    
Onset Computer Corp Hobo, Tidbit & Tattletle range of low cost loggers        yes yes 
Opto-22 Corp. Distributed monitoring systems     yes    
Pace Scientific Pocket logger for temp and humidity       yes yes
Partech Instruments Water quality loggers       yes yes
Pico Technology Ltd Small data loggers and PC Oscilloscopes       yes yes
Quatech Inc Acquisition and signal conditioning yes       yes
Quest Technologies Inc. Noise, heat, vibration and gas monitors       yes yes
Remonsys Ltd. Temperature loggers for food and pharmaceutical industries       yes  
Roper Associates Level and rainfall loggers       yes  
Rustrak Instruments. General purpose data loggers. No web site??       Ranger
Silvertree Engineering IceSpy temperature& humidity loggers       IceSpy yes
Solar Light Co Inc. Data Logger for solar energy applications       PMA2100 PMA2200  
Soltec Corp. Chart recorders, data acquisition & sensors     yes   yes
Synetcom Digital Inc. cellular RTU- data logger     yes   yes
Tal Technologies Inc. - DAQ and bar-code software         Software Wedge
Tangent Systems Inc Temperature acquisition for palmtops (Versid)       MT-20
Teac Inc. Tape based data recorders       yes  
Tek-Gear Hand-held Trekker data logger for education       Trekker yes
Trihedral Eng Ltd OEM monitoring and control software         yes
TSI Inc Logging meters       yes  
Unidata small multi-purpose data loggers and sensors         Starlogger yes
USDATA Corp. Industrial monitoring and control software         yes
Vaisala Oyj Meteorological and industrial data loggers and sensors       yes  
Wonderware Corp FactorySuite monitoring & control software         yes
Wuntronic GmbH u-ScanT data logger for long term collection       yes  
Veritek Inc. Small precision data loggers       Spectrums yes
ZWorld Inc. Range of OEM circuit boards for monitoring and control     yes yes yes