Capgo datalogger, data logger, datalogging and data logging.




CapLog - Preview

The CapLog Series of mobile data acquisition units provide extraordinary capability in a small discrete package. They allow connection of most sensor types without additional signal conditioning. The following provides a little insight into the CapLog's make-up:


The Extraordinary Super Channel

Provides the ultimate in flexible sensor connection via a twelve terminal port. Up to eight simple sensors or a single complex sensor may be connected to the Super Channel. Sensors may be analog or digital, and can plug and play (IEEE1451.4)



Speed - Precision

The CapLogs have a fast 120 kHz 16 bit analog to digital converter that is utilized in a clever architecture providing rapid auto gain-ranging and a deterministic mixing of fast and slow sampling. By applying sophisticated digital signal processing to correct for errors and to filter noise, slow sensors can be sampled with better than 0.01% accuracy over a wide temperature range




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