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We live in exciting yet frustrating times. Exciting because of continual change and innovation and frustrating, as we, the dominant species are constantly missing opportunities to improve life on our planet.

An area of excitement I have been actively involved in for many years is data acquisition – the technology of practical measurement that continues to leap forward in bounds. However, being involved in data acquisition has also been a source of frustration – things could be done so much better, providing advantages for users and manufacturers alike.

Companies such as National Instruments have been pacesetters in making tasks easier by adopting software technologies with visually appealing and friendly “front ends”. But the paced has slowed, with new product offerings being largely line-extensions.

Capgo is endeavoring to re-invigorate the industry by showing the way with truly intelligent systems that are able to analyze collected data in real-time and make useful decisions.

I hope that you find this web site a useful resource and are able to find solutions to your measurement challenges.

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Graham Henstridge
Capgo Pty Ltd

Since the late 1960’s, Graham has been involved in data acquisition as a user and manufacturer. Starting his career in wind-tunnel laboratories and moving into upper atmospheric monitoring, he later worked in glaciology, plant canopy studies, meteorology monitoring, process monitoring, animal energetics, plant gas exchange, and bird flight.

Graham co-founded DataTaker in 1983. He was responsible for the design of the popular dataTaker brand of data loggers. After a period as Managing Director, he left the company to start Capgo. Initially, as a consultancy Capgo now focuses on manufacturing advanced data acquisition products.