Capgo datalogger, data logger, datalogging and data logging.




Our Responsibilities

Capgo Pty Ltd aims to be a good corporate citizen. We take our responsibilities seriously.

Corporate Ethics

Capgo will continue to behave in a principaled and ethical manner towards its customers, employees and suppliers.


We take it as a responsibility to more than to satisfy our customers, we aim to delight, by providing products of the highest quality in terms of design, material and manufacturing. We aim for constant improvement by regularly measuring our performance.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our staff is important to us. Our management systems that focus on these areas greatly influence our decision making processes.


Capgo is committed to continual improvement of our environmental performance. We use recycled or recyclable packaging, and have a lead-free program under-way. More


Community is important to the well-being of staff and company. Capgo provides employment opportunities within the community and utilized local suppliers of components and services when ever possible


Capgo respects the privacy of its customers, suppliers and staff. No information about a customer, supplier or member of staff will be supplied to a third party without express authority from those whom it concerns. More