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About Us


About us

Capgo Pty Ltd is a start-up company focusing on measurement, monitoring, data acquisition and data logging. The first of a series of products will be released in 2014.

Capgo began in 1995 as a consultancy and contract design company. It's knowledgable personnel have considerable experience in sensors, data logging, data acquisition and associated software.


Mission statement

At Capgo we develop and market data acquisition products that intelligently monitor machines, structures, processes and the environment. We offer easy to use products that solve difficult problems.

Our data loggers for monitoring the use of heavy machinery and our sensor support software for data acquisition, aim to assist clients to avoid costly claims, due to failed machinery and equipment, by monitoring and analysing vibration, stress, displacement and temperature.

In the near future, Capgo will release a range of new and innovative products for measurement, monitoring, data acquisition and data logging that seek to meet the needs of a variety of industries - from manufacturing and food processing to medical and pharmaceutical.

Our product development is backed up by sound research and development. We endeavour to exceed our customers’ expectations by understanding their needs and applying our technological expertise to produce effective solutions.

Meeting challenges, innovation, hard work and teamwork motivates Capgo’s staff, and we will foster good relationships with our dealers and distributors to ensure excellence in customer service.

Vision statement

Capgo’s vision is to be a trendsetter in data acquisition and to be internationally respected for its innovative products, its quality research and development, as well as its ethical and environmentally sustainable business practices.


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